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Learn to build high-performing teams and transform your organization

Stony Brook University’s Leadership programs are designed to equip current and emerging leaders with the skills and strategies they need to succeed in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Each program is built on the three pillars of successful leadership:

  • Individual Leadership: Leading Yourself. Improve personal leadership skills by focusing on evaluation, assessment and applications.
  • Team Leadership: Leading Others. Build the skills necessary to understand and cultivate high-performing teams.
  • Strategic Leadership: Leading an Organization. Develop the ability to visualize, plan and execute effective plans to achieve organizational goals.

All sessions are highly interactive – using case studies, role-playing, and individual and team activities reflecting real-world pressures and opportunities. The instructors are experts in their fields, with the background to draw from years of on-the-job experience.

Read what our past participants have to say about our leadership programs:

"Unbelievable!!! So much useful information that we can start using right away."

– Polina Adelson, Director, Process Performance, National Grid

"The instructors were all so passionate and excellent and the curriculum design was diverse and impactful."

– Lindsay Goldberg, Assistant Vice President, Northwell

"I liked the detailed questions laid out to help guide us in developing a plan. Including incentives, resources, and skills to identify."

– Alka lqbal, Executive Director, The NPD Group



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