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Woman sitting with green drink in a room with plants

Maintaining Good Health in Stressful Times

This workshop teaches people how to maintain a good nutritional regime and self-care health. It speaks to all people, from the businessperson to the mom-on-the-go, which is sometimes both. An alarmingly large percentage of people are on the verge of a chronic or debilitating illness. Proper nutrition and self-care are vital to keeping the body in harmony.

Nutrition and self-care are sometimes overlooked or mismanaged under the guise of ease, busy lifestyles, or faulty beliefs. This class will simplify concepts and aid in building better nutritional self-care foundations with ease. Learn how to choose the best meals when dining out, food ratios, detoxifying, how to be an ingredient label detective, and self-care health tips such as breathing and meditation techniques.

You are the number one priority! This workshop supports you.

About the Presenter

Kate Alchermes

Kate Alchermes is a Holistic Health Practitioner. She brings 14 years of experience in helping individuals and groups of people improve their wellness knowledge and health conditions. She has certifications as a Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, and Meditation Facilitator. Additionally, she has a bachelor's degree in Interior Design, a master's degree in Construction Management with focus on sustainable green living and Feng Shui. Since 2007 Kate has worked with countless individuals to improve their health through self-care, meditation, green sustainable design, feng shui, yoga, breathing techniques, and holistic nutrition. She uses all of her knowledge to bring improved health to the mind, body, spirit, and interior environments. She also has a personal story of healing from an autoimmune disease. Her continuous goal is to add value to individuals, families, and communities by bringing a wealth of holistic knowledge for improved health.