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Women in STEM Leadership Program

Women in STEM Leadership Program Curriculum

May 13, 14 & 15, 2020

Join Our Growing Community of Influencers, Mentors and Peers


Women in STEM Leadership ProgramA Program Built on Necessity...

The fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics play key roles in fueling the world's economic growth and spurring tomorrow's advancements. In order to stay at the forefront of innovation and development, STEM-related businesses must make the best possible use of their talent pools.

... And Back by Popular Demand

After an overwhelmingly successful launch last May, The Women in STEM Leadership Program is back, designed to help women take charge of their career strategies while becoming part of a powerful community of support and advocacy.

What We Provide:

This four-day, interactive program will feature a series of experiential workshops, peer-to-peer exercises, and keynote speeches by high-caliber executives, supplemented by frequent networking opportunities.

The mission of The Women in STEM Leadership Program is to:

  • Crystallize Vision
    • Define career goals
    • Pinpoint current challenges at the workplace
    • Identify ways to effect change
    • Strengthen Skills
    • Develop tools and strategies for career advancement
    • Build confidence and strengthen self-advocacy
    • Learn to communicate with power, purpose and persuasion
  • Develop Roadmaps
    • Implement plans to reach goals
    • Chart specific steps to take
    • Schedule follow-up progress calls
  • Make Connections
    • Work with leaders and peers through interactive workshops
    • Exchange new ideas and opportunities during networking sessions
    • Build long-term relationships

What You Take Away:

Participants will leave this program empowered to:

  • Realize their ambitions and leadership potential
  • Be an influencer at their organizations
  • Bring change to an industry in desperate need of gender diversity.

But it doesn't end there....

At the conclusion of the program, participants will set forth on a much longer journey, as part of a community of leaders in STEM who will serve as mutual resources and mentors to each other long after this four-day course ends.

Apply now! 
and build your skills, your confidence and your professional network.