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Women in STEM Leadership Program, May 13-15, 2020

Join Our Growing Community of Thought Leaders, Mentors and Peers

Fall 2020

The immersive, interactive Women in STEM Leadership program is designed to support current and future female leaders in STEM with practical tools and valuable connections to help them overcome barriers and grow their careers.


Information Session

2021 Dates To Be Determined
Gain Skills  |   Meet Peers  |   Bust Myths   |  Promote Change

Program Sponsors:

    Brookhaven National Laboratory                 Revitalash Cosmetics




"Unbelievable!!! So much useful information that we can start using right away."

Polina Adelson
Performance National Grid

"We need more people talking about career myths - and how to overcome a society that values those rather than creativity."

Camila Dos Santos
Assistant Professor
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

"I truly feel as though this program enabled me to think about my future and plan on how to get there. I feel empowered."

Sarah Meskunas
Senior Engineer
National Grid