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Women in STEM Leadership program

Women in STEM Leadership

Improve Your Skills. Boost Your Confidence. Grow Your Network.


The Women in STEM Leadership program offers an immersive, transformative experience that will boost your STEM career to new heights by helping you identify and hone the leadership skills to become an influencer and mentor in your workplace and beyond.

And for women in STEM, the timing has never been better.

Women continue to increase their representation in STEM professions, from 1.3 million in STEM jobs (26%) in 2003 to nearly 2 million (29%) in 2017. (Source)

Despite this growth, many women exit STEM careers due to culture, bias, and a lack of advancement opportunities. With the right tools, training, and support, women can not only thrive in these fields, but become mentors and leaders driving the future of their organizations.

Women in STEM LeadershipFor parity. For unity. For community.




“I truly feel as though this program enabled me to think about my future and plan on how to get there. I feel empowered.”

Sarah Meskunas
Senior Engineer
National Grid

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Apply now to learn how to overcome obstacles, improve the culture at your organization, and find greater fulfillment and rewards in your chosen STEM profession.
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