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Quality Management

Incident-Accident Investigation/Root Causes | QM-012

Date: Course schedule to be announced
Course Length: 1/2 Day (4 hours)
Course Fee: $175.00

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Have you been assigned to investigate an injury or incident and don’t know where to start or how to get meaningful information regarding the issue? Have you conducted an injury investigation and implemented corrective action only to find out the same type of injury is still happening? 

The investigations of incidents/accidents should be an important program in any business.  All too many times, personnel asked to investigate are not properly trained with the tools to aid them; thus causing investigations to be poorly conducted and end with a failure to prevent re-occurrence.

Workshop Description:

This seminar will provide employers a structured overview of a proven investigation protocol that will lead the investigator through a step by step process, resulting in understanding the root cause of an incident/accident and thus prevent re-occurrence.  Topics covered with material and interactive case study will be:

  • Scene Preservation
  • Assembly of a Team
  • Fact Gathering
  • Interview Process
  • Time Line
  • Causal Factors
  • Causal Analysis
  • Root Cause/Direct Cause/Contributing Cause
  • Corrective Action

Who Should Attend:  

Safety Professionals, Quality Assurance, Human Resource Managers, Manufacturing/Production Managers, and employees with these responsibilities.