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Quality Management

Measuring Operational Performance | QM-006

Date: Course schedule to be announced
Course Length: 1 Day (8 hours)
Course Fee: $350.00

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Measuring the performance of an organization is key to the continual improvement process. You can’t effectively manage what you don’t measure since you will not know if you are getting better or worse. This class defines types of corporate performance measures organizations can use to determine effectiveness of their Business and Quality Management System then links them to the Quality Policy and Objectives.


To allow participants to develop performance measures that will communicate the organization’s success at achieving goals, give operational managers a method to effectively monitor performance, shed some light on monitoring and measuring those key success factors that contribute to the organization’s success.

This course will help you identify and develop metrics at the right functions and levels within the organization to point you in the right direction to identify and solve problems.

We will start at typical high-level metrics such as Sales $, Profit, Inventory $, Expenses, and drill down to what makes those possible.  Focus will lead to Departmental metrics such as accuracy of paperwork, waste, mistakes, product/process defects, customer satisfaction, customer returns (even service businesses have customer returns such as incorrect paperwork). 

Examples and workshop exercises will be tailored to the types of businesses where the participants work.  Typical participants have been from banking, manufacturing, service, and distribution. 

Every business needs effective measurements to see how well they are doing, whether processes are effective, and if they are helping the company achieve their goals.