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Quality Management

Forensic ISO

Date: Course schedule to be announced
Course Length: 1 Day (8 hours)
Course Fee: $350.00


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Use the Tools of ISO to Improve Corporate Performance

The purpose of a Quality Management System is to help a company improve performance.  That is the reason it was created: to improve products and services, reduce defects, improve delivery, improve capacity utilization, and help companies become more competitive.

This purpose has been lost in the interpretation of ISO as a documentation system. 

True, documentation is a base of ISO but not because “the standard requires it," but because the intent is to create stable, repetitive processes.  Once the documentation is complete, problems should become more apparent and predictive through the Monitoring, Measuring, and Improvement section of the standard. 

Monitoring, Analysis & Improvement, paragraph 8, contains the  requirement  for improvement.  However, it also provides the tools to get there.  This is the most often overlooked area.  It is disrespected but it is a goldmine for reducing costs, waste, defects, and everything else that makes you crazy.  This is the most powerful part of a Quality Management System.  This is where you grow from documenting existing processes that inherently are not effective to understanding the dynamics of your own company and changing processes for the better.    

Every “buzzword” of corporate wellness over the last 30 years has been looked at as separate “project” from the others. Once a project is complete, we leave it alone because we are busy implementing the next “project”:  These activities should not be considered separate, but interwoven as the building blocks of corporate performance.  They must work together.  ISO is the Capstone that makes them talk to one another.  The philosophies blend with Lean, TQM, Kanban, JIT, FMEA, and every other “hot topic” of the last 20 years, because they are all tools of improvement, NOT separate projects.

Course Highlights

  • This class will focus on pulling together the analysis tools of ISO 9001-based Quality Systems such as AS9100.  If your Quality Management System is about managing the procedures and trying to figure out whose turn it is to dust them, attend this class to learn how it should be helping you to run your business with improved performance and effectiveness.  

  • Bring problems from your company and be prepared to work on them using the tools presented in class.  You will leave with Next Steps for continual improvement as the Quality Management System intended!  

Who Should Attend

Managers looking for a method to assure successful results and positive change. Also, personnel involved in Corrective Action, Preventive Actions, or Continual Improvement.