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Project Management / Business Analysis

Project Management for Healthcare Certificate

Date:  October 4- November 21, 2021 
Time:  Mostly asynchronous; there will be 3 synchronous Zoom sessions
Course Length:  35 hours
Location: Online via Blackboard
Course Fee:  $2,395 


Hospitals and Corporations:  

Would you like to improve your team’s performance through participation in CCE’s Project Management for Healthcare Certificate? Please contact   for details.

course Description

Managing a healthcare project carries complex concerns not always found in traditional healthcare management. This course enables participants to learn and practice the tools and techniques needed for project management roles in healthcare. Participants will learn how to identify and execute appropriate planning, organizing, and controlling steps for projects, while ensuring quality. Additionally, several best practices in healthcare project management will be covered: negotiation, communication, risk management, change management, and coordination between the project and management, clients, users, team members, and support groups.

This is an online, mostly asynchronous course. There will be three synchronous meetings as a class, and you will be assigned to a group with whom you will work on a case study throughout the course.

What you’ll learn

  • Apply concepts and terms commonly used in healthcare projects by discussing the project with teammates.

  • Execute the various phases of managing a healthcare project from initiation to closing by working through a project case study with their team.

  • Compare and contrast the outcomes of different healthcare projects by discussing various aspects as they complete their group project.

  • Analyze interpersonal aspects of managing a healthcare project by working with a team. 

  • Explain and defend project management decisions selected by their team for successfully managing various healthcare projects.

course outline

Module 1: General Concepts 

  • General characteristics of projects
  • Special challenges of healthcare projects
  • Different project life cycles: agile vs. traditional 

Module 2: Defining Project Goals and Scope

  • Project Charter
  • Scope Baseline
  • Product Backlog

Module 3: Planning Project Work

  • Defining project work
  • Estimating
  • Critical Path
  • Sprint Planning

Module 4: Managing Risk

  • Defining risk
  • Identifying risks
  • Prioritizing risks
  • Responding to risks

Module 5: Managing Project Resources

  • Determining resource requirements for a project
  • Project teams
  • Assigning work
  • Agile team roles and responsibilities 

Module 6: Communication and Negotiation

  • The role of communication in projects
  • Developing a communication plan
  • Negotiating with stakeholders

Module 7: Tracking Progress, Managing Change and Project Closure

  • Tracking progress against a baseline
  • Controlling Scope Changes
  • Changing scope on agile projects
  • Project closure
  • Post-project reviews


The program is designed for anyone involved in healthcare or healthcare-related projects.

Technical Requirements:
This course uses Blackboard for the facilitation of communications between instructor and students, submission of assignments, and posting of feedback. You are responsible for having a reliable computer and Internet connection throughout the course. Caution! You will be at a disadvantage if you attempt to complete all coursework on a smartphone or tablet. It may not be possible to submit the files required for your assignments.

Meet the Instructor

Stephen Campitelli | CCE Program Instructor | Project Management
View the video to learn how Stephen approaches teaching students from myriad backgrounds the fundamentals of project management, including developing the communication skills that are required to flourish in a PM career.

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