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Project Management/Business Analysis

CCE has joined forces with leading business educators to share real-application knowledge and practices that help companies and business leaders thrive. Offering high quality Project Management and Business Analysis education designed to solidify the knowledge and capabilities of those involved, or seeking to become involved, in managing projects or deliverables. Participants will gain a better understanding of how to optimize a project through planning, time and cost management, negotiation and risk assessment as well as how to build the right product the first time, thereby optimizing cost and minimizing frustration. Qualified business analysts are the key to any company's ability to thrive. There is emphasis on bridging the communication gap between Business and Technology – the main culprit behind defining faulty business requirements, which, in turn, are often the main reasons for project failure. CCE delivers constructive education programs that revitalize businesses by providing solutions to today's corporate challenges.

Building a stronger foundation in Project Management and Business Analysis will make you an indispensable asset at your company—and beyond. Get started today with either a certificate program or an individual class.



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