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Continuous Improvement: Lean and Six Sigma

Introduction to Continuous Improvement

Date: Course schedule to be announced
Course Length: 1-Day 
Course Fee: TBD


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An exciting one-day course that includes instruction in the philosophies of continuous improvement, the seven wastes, “reliable methods” and techniques for combating waste.  It includes a comprehensive, hands-on classroom simulation that shows a factory in transition from batch production (push) to one-piece flow (using pull).  The class provides an excellent foundation for companies just starting out and contains many specific improvement ideas that attendees can take away.  This course is designed to both inform and inspire individuals about the benefits of unleashing the power of continuous improvement within their organization.

This introductory course has something for everyone and is appropriate for all levels and disciplines within the organization.  It is especially relevant for employees seeking a basic understanding of lean principles or those in need of a refresher course in the fundamentals of waste identification and appropriate countermeasures. 


  • What Is “Traditional Manufacturing”?
  • What Is Continuous Improvement, and how does it differ from Traditional Manufacturing?
  • Four Continuous Improvement Philosophies
  • The Continuous Improvement Model
  • Benefits of Continuous Improvement
  • Seven Wastes
  • Introduction to Reliable Methods as Countermeasures to Waste
  • Comprehensive, Hands-on Production Simulation
  • CI Implementation



In 2017, Stony Brook Center for Corporate Education (CCE) entered in to a collaborative agreement with University at Buffalo, The Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE), to offer professional development courses in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.  CCE and TCIE were formed for the same purpose:  to increase the competitiveness of companies by strengthening performance.  Both centers operate under the umbrella of the State University of New York (SUNY) and extend education to the working adult through on-site corporate sponsored and open enrollment programs.