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Management Development


Essentials of Leadership Certificate

Course Length: 4 days

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Essentials of Leadership Topics:
  1.  Leadership - What makes a good leader and where are they in the organization? How is leadership defined and what are the characteristics of a good leader? Leadership presence and how you are viewed by your peers and your direct reports is something within the control of the individual.
  2. Transitioning into a Leadership Role - Moving into a leadership position can be both exciting and nerve racking. It is especially difficult if your new team are individuals that you previously worked side by side with. When organizations promote from within this is often the case. There are pros and cons to leading former peers and both will be explored. The emphasis will be on leveraging the pros to address the cons. Different challenges may arise when you are hired to lead an existing team.
  3. Communication Skills and Facilitating Effective Team Meetings - Communication and listening are key to any relationship and managing others is no exception.  Styles of communication and the importance of listening will be key components of this module. Participants will plan and role play a team meeting to both “kick off” a new project and update on an existing project.
  4. Team Building, Motivation, and Team Meetings - Understanding team dynamics and how individuals work best together is critical to the success of a leader. How to assign and organize work and projects, leverage talent and resources and motivate employees are key to effective teamwork.