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Employment Law Certificate Course

Employment law is a branch of contract law that deals with relationships between employers and employees. This course will cover statutes such as the National Labor Relations Act, the Railway Labor Act, and other various statutes dealing with public employees. Topics to be included are master and servant, wages and hours, antidiscrimination in employment and minimum wages and maximum hours, as well as regulation of working conditions.


Participants will demonstrate the following skills through successful completion of all required coursework and assignments:

  • Discuss the roots of the master-servant relationship.
  • Distinguish employment from independent contracting.
  • Distinguish employment at will from wrongful discharge.
  • Identify torts that can be brought against employers.
  • Examine discrimination in hiring.
  • Discuss accommodation in working conditions.
  • Identify labor organizations.
  • Discuss unfair labor practices.
  • Examine the structure of the National Labor Relations Act and the Railway Labor Act.
  • Identify constitutional protections against discrimination.
  • Discuss disability discrimination and accommodations.
  • Examine age discrimination in hiring and in retirement.


This is an accelerated course that is offered in an online format. You will be expected to spend an average of at least 8 hours per week reading and completing assignments. Please note that extensions will not be granted. This course is the equivalent of at least 45 clock hours of study. 70% is the minimum passing score on all tests and assignments for this course. Additional details are available on the The Center for Legal Studies website.

Course Curriculum

Session One: Introduction to Employment Law

Session Two: Labor Management Relations

Session Three: Economic Weapons

Session Four: Racial Discrimination

Session Five: Sex or National Origin Discrimination

Session Six: Age and Disability Discrimination

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Basic Labor and Employment Law for Paralegals , 2nd edition, by Clyde E. Craig, this book is available from The Center for Legal Studies. Please call 1-800-522-7737 or visit the Center for Legal Studies website. Books ordered from The Center for Legal Studies during the week immediately prior to the beginning of class may incur an additional FedEx fee.


Oran’s Dictionary of the Law,  4th Edition, by Daniel Oran. Clifton Park: Delmar Cengage Learning

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Bill Thoms, JD is the instructor of this course.

The program is coordinated by our educational partner, The Center for Legal Studies, which has been offering paralegal programs nationally since 1980. Its courses are currently offered at over 600 universities and colleges across the U.S. and his "Law for Life" series is featured on cable.

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Course Fee

The fee is $995 (does not include required textbook).

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Online Schedule

Spring 2020 I:        January 13 - February 28, 2019
Spring 2020 II:        March 9 - April 24, 2019

Summer 2020 I:        May 4 - June 19, 2019
Summer 2020 II:        June 29 - August 14, 2019

Fall 2020 I:       August 24 - October 9, 2019
Fall 2020 II:       October 19 - December 4, 2019


If you would like additional information on the this program, please contact the Center for Legal Studies at 1.800.522.7737 or visit their website.

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