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Energy and Sustainability

Energy & Sustainability

Training for the Green Energy Economy

Preserving and managing our vital resources is one of today's most important issues. Participation in the burgeoning green energy economy requires specialized education and accreditation in green building principles, water efficiency, and energy management. Working with core partners and leaders in the clean energy economy, Advanced Energy Training Institute (AETI) has established a platform for the skills, knowledge and credentials necessary in this dynamic and growing industry. AETI offers innovative programs in energy and sustainability ranging from green building, energy efficiency power, smart power and green project management skills. AETI works directly with you to create custom training solutions that can be delivered on your schedule at the location of your choice. Or, you can take advantage of open enrollment courses. Don't wait... start working toward a better environment with CCE today!



Advanced Energy Training Institute at Stony Brook University

The Advanced Energy Training Institute ( AETI ), a part of the CCE, is the training division of the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC). Working with core partners from all the key players in the green economy, AETI is creating a platform for honest credential brokering in the elusive "green" landscape.
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