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Corporate Education Programs

Corporate Programs

Is your business ready for the industry changes taking place in today’s dynamic economy?

Secure your company's standing in tomorrow’s business environment by enhancing the skills and abilities of your workforce today!

The Center for Corporate Education at Stony Brook University offers relevant and vital information to ensure that your company is prepared for today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities in our region and the economy.

From business leadership, project management and communications to Lean and Six Sigma, quality management and energy and sustainability, CCE’s Corporate Programs focus on those areas most relevant to our region’s industries including: manufacturing bio/science, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food/food safety, medical and more.

Not sure what type of training seminars would best suit your specific requirements?
Our consultants listen to your goals and then develop a customized program to meet your objectives.

Will on-site seminars and training sessions better suit your needs?
With our on-site instruction option, our programs can be brought to your location, making it convenient for you and accessible to your team. Or, you can take advantage of getting off site at CCE’s state of the art training facilities.

Concerned about funding for training?
We can also help you explore available local and government funding options for these programs.

The future demands a highly skilled workforce. CCE will help you meet that demand.
There’s an ongoing need for workforce education in today’s business environment. CCE’s goal is to help companies satisfy that need to ensure their teams are ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

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