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Effective Writing for Business | MD-017

Date: Course schedule to be announced
Course Length: 1 Day (8 hours)
Course Fee: $525.00 (10% discount for PMI members)

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This class boasts a small student to teacher ratio enhancing the writing and review process.Effective written communication has a direct impact on the bottom line. Getting right to the point is essential in today's demanding work environment. This course teaches people how to do that in a clear and coherent way, addressing all audiences - from customers across the Atlantic to colleagues in Asia. Using a time-tested structure and techniques from the world of global journalism, the instructor has trained more than 300 people in the last two years and hundreds more before that. 

Course Overview

Whether e-mailing customers or writing a project report, staff members can make or break a business based on how well they communicate. This seminar gives you "do's and don'ts" in writing any business communication effectively. Not only are clarity and understanding emphasized, company reputation and legal exposure are covered in a course which is aimed at better contacts with customers, employees and the public. 

Who Should Attend:

Any customer-facing staff, from support engineers and legal staff to marketers and sales reps, along with their supervisors and managers. Anyone who wants to improve their writing skills will benefit from this intensive, customized program.


Michael Reilly, Principal, Globalwriters, Inc.

Mr. Reilly, a corporate external relations specialist, is an independent writer and editor who also advises on business communications best practices. He spent over a dozen years as chief spokesman for the Reuters Group in the Americas, making presentations to investors, media, government and many other constituencies. From the Conference Board to the US Congress; on radio and TV; and in boardrooms, exhibition halls and business school classes, Mr. Reilly has deep experience. He has provided best-practice communications support for JP Morgan Chase, DDC, Lockheed Martin, Rio Tinto, Alcoa, Schering-Plough, Lexis-Nexis, PR Newswire and many other companies, both large and small. He is currently the senior Americas trainer in communications for Thomson Reuters Foundation.