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Public Speaking | MD-019

Date: Course schedule to be announced
Course Length: Three 4-Hour Days
Course Fee: TBD (10% discount for PMI members)


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This unique  Public Speaking course brings together the advice and counsel of a seasoned international business executive with world class presentation and speaker training. Getting your message across, keeping listeners engaged and leaving them with a sharp positive impression of you and your business, product or service are the top goals of leadership, whether it is for a small group of investors or a room full of employees.

Learn the toolkit used by the world’s professional speakers. It includes managing your voice, knowing how to use gestures and movement, engaging listeners with eye-to-eye contact and a broad range of other techniques. We will examine and put these to practice.

Designed for individual or small group training sessions, this package reviews best practice and follows up with on-camera review and personalized critiques.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to sharpen communication skills in management. C-Level executives and managers destined for that level, along with official corporate spokespersons and any others whose job requires them to persuade or influence key external or internal constituencies. From addressing customers or employees to speaking at board meetings or public conferences, managers today need to outshine other speakers.