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Need to give your resume some extra oomph? The Center for Corporate Education at Stony Brook University has exactly what you need.

Whether you’re aiming for a promotion or a career change, we have a program that’ll give you the tools you need to succeed. We offer courses in leadership, communication, project management, and more. Take a standalone class to sharpen a specific skill, or go all the way with a professional certificate program.

No matter what, you’ll be standing out from the competition in no time. Ready to get started? Check out our course offerings today! Our expert faculty and instructors deliver dynamic CCE programs in the following areas:

Center for Corporate Education Certificate Programs Project Management/Business Analysis
Both Project Management and Business Analysis Certificate programs, as well as individual courses, enrich skills that promote project efficiency, tighter cost and time management, enhanced communication of objectives and better use of human resources. Participants in the Business Analysis program acquire the skills needed to identify business needs as well as implement solutions.

  Center for Corporate Education Open Enrollment Programs Management/Professional Development
The role of an effective manager/supervisor is to get each employee working to his or her maximum potential. CCE courses help develop top managers by teaching how to increase interpersonal effectiveness, set performance expectations, tie performance appraisals to success, connect people to the “Big Picture,” coach for goal achievement, resolve workplace leading conflicts and provide feedback for improvement.

Center for Corporate Education Exceutive Programs Leadership
For some, leadership comes naturally – but for most, becoming a highly effective leader takes training. CCE Leadership programs teach building high performance teams, organizational culture, the human dynamics of leading, and how to manage conflict as well as other leadership essentials.

Center for Corporate Education Leadership Programs Communications
Sending a written or verbal message that is clear, impactful and effective is at the root of all business success. CCE courses teach the basics of business communication including how to build commanding presentations, how to add clout to writing and how to overcome a number-one fear – public speaking.

Center for Corporate Education Leadership Programs Quality Management
Managing people, procedures and performance metrics in a business are critical to attaining goals. CCE offers programs that provide an in-depth understanding of how to develop performance measures, manage the supply chain, mitigate risks and analyze the root causes of recurring problems.

Center for Corporate Education Leadership Programs Operational Excellence: Lean/Six Sigma
For businesses looking to create a competitive advantage, CCE provides a blueprint to lean transformation and the attainment of operational excellence. By applying these continuous improvement principles, businesses can achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Center for Corporate Education Leadership Programs   Legal Studies
For individuals looking to enter the legal field or advance in their current position, CCE offers 14 certificate programs, including paralegal training, intellectual property law for engineers, employment law, alternative dispute resolution, legal nurse consultant.  

Center for Corporate Education Leadership Programs Software
Today’s businesses run on technology, and CCE offers specialized, multi-level courses to familiarize participants with emerging technologies and the potential application to their products and services.

Programs & Courses

Programs & Courses