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Center of Operational Excellence

The key to competitiveness in this economy is Continuous Improvement.

The Center for Operational Excellence at Stony Brook University (COE) customized approach to Continuous Improvement training focuses on your employees because they are the ones who add, create and deliver value to your customer, and it takes place where the value is added – in their workplace. We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with your team to identify the areas of your business that will reap the most benefit from the implementation of Continuous Improvement techniques.

Center for Corporate Education Certificate Programs Learn by Doing
A typical training day at your facility consists of classroom training in the principles and theory of Continuous Improvement as well as application of the tools and techniques in the place where the work is done. Our instructors act as mentors and facilitators, encouraging your employees to use their talents, creativity and experience to best apply the concepts of Continuous Improvement to your current processes.

Center for Corporate Education Exceutive Programs Customized Education
COE customizes and targets programs to meet the specific objectives of your company. Training is delivered to your staff at your facility. Together we will select, identify and design a training program that will educate your employees to identify waste in their processes and apply countermeasures to reduce or eliminate it, thereby increasing productivity and achieving bottom line cost savings.

Center for Corporate Education Certificate Programs Measuring Bottom Line Improvements
Too often companies view Continuous Improvement and Lean manufacturing as a set of tools and techniques that can be layered over existing infrastructure, policy and metrics. Approaching Continuous Improvement in this way will lead to irresolvable conflicts between practice and measurement. COE helps your company focus on the critical revisions to management policy and measurement systems that are necessary to support your ongoing pursuit of operational excellence.

 Center for Corporate Education Open Enrollment Programs Sustaining the Change
When your workforce is trained in Continuous Improvement, they will be able to identify waste and implement reliable countermeasures. They will retain this knowledge and experience and can progress further on their own and/or utilize the resources of COE for continued support and assistance.

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GBMP  COE partners with GBMP, the premier organization for training and implementation of Lean and Six Sigma programs.

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