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CBTP Admission


Students may enter the Chemical Biology Training Program from any of the four graduate programs listed below. You should apply to the appropriate program and indicate on your application that you are interested in the Chemical Biology Training option. At the end of the the first year, students apply to the Chemical Biology Training Program. They must also continue to meet the PhD requirements of their originating program and will receive their degree from that program.

You are eligible to apply if

  1. You have satisfied the requirements for an undergraduate degree in one of the following: chemistry, biochemistry, biology, chemical engineering, or a related discipline.
  2. You are interested in research at the chemistry-biology interface.
  3. You are admitted to one of the following four graduate programs.

Biochemistry & Structural Biology


Microbiology and Immunology


In order to join the CBTP please contact us at  We will use the information to keep you apprised of activities in the CBTP.  Check back here to find out deadline for the current year. 

Click for more details about the  Application Process.


              SBU image                                                          NIGMS                                                                                       ICBDD image