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This is some of the research recently published using data collected in the CBPE Decision Experiments Lab.

Our CBPE members are in red.

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  1. Del Ponte, A., Delton, A. W., Kline, R., & Seltzer, N. A. (2017). Passing it along: Experiments on creating the negative externalities of climate change. The Journal of Politics, 79(4), 1444-1448.
  2. Frey, V., & Van De Rijt, A. (2016). Arbitrary inequality in reputation systems. Nature: Scientific Reports, 6, 38304.
  3. Galeotti, F., Kline, R., & Orsini, R. (2017). When foul play seems fair: Exploring the link between just deserts and honesty. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 142, 451-467.
  4. Bruner, D. M., D'Attoma, J., & Steinmo, S. (2017). The role of gender in the provision of public goods through tax compliance. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 71, 45-55.
  5. D’Attoma, J., Volintiru, C., & Steinmo, S. (2017). Willing to share? Tax compliance and gender in Europe and America. Research & Politics, 4(2), 2053168017707151.


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