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Past Events 

Fall 2019, Guest Lecture Series:

Friday, September 13th at 1:00pm:   Talbot Andrews ,   Andrew Delton, &   Reuben Kline (Stony Brook, Political Science)

Title:  Making useful political decisions for others: Experiments on strategic social preferences

Friday, September 27th at 1:00pm:   Talbot Andrews  &   John Barry Ryan  (Stony Brook, Political Science)

            Title: Expensive problems assumed to have expensive solutions

Friday, October 11th at 1:00pm:   Natalia Lodoño  (Queens College, Economics)  

Title:  Does conflict exposure increase in-group bias? Evidence from experiments in the Philippines

Friday, October 25th at 1:00pm:   Paul Bingham  &   Joanne Souza  (Stony Brook, Biochemistry & Cell Biology)

Title: Human origins, properties, and behavior are efficiently explained by our lineage's unprecedented evolution of projectile weapon-dependent social coercion

Friday, November 8th at 1:00pm:     Elias Shammas,     Pei-Hsun Hsieh, &  Andrew Delton   (Stony Brook, Political Science)

Title: The Partisan public  goods game: Disentangling civic and partisan motivations in an incentivized experiment

Friday, November 15th at 1:00pm:  Reuben Kline   &   Pei-Hsun Hsieh   (Stony Brook, Political Science)


Friday, November 22nd at 1:00pm:   Yphtach Lelkes  (University of Pennsylvania, Communication and Political Science)


Spring 2019, Previous Speakers:

Friday,  February 15, 2019 at 2:00 pm:  Talbot Andrews (Stony Brook, Political Science)

Title:   H ow to Run Experiments in the CBPE Lab

Friday,  March 1, 2019 at 2:00 pm:   Talbot Andrews and   Benjamin Carter (Stony Brook, Political Science)

            Talbot Andrews will present, "Who do you trust? Inefficiency incentives and climate change mitigation." 

Ben Carter will present, "Give some to get some: Do voters understand who benefits from higher taxes?"

Friday,   March  15 , 2019 at 2:00 pm:  Christian Luhmann (Stony Brook, Psychology)

Title:  " Influence on Social Networks"

Friday,   March   29 , 2019 at 2:30 pm:  Samuele Centorrino (Stony Brook, Economics)

Title:  " Nonparametric Estimation and Inference in Psychological and Economic Experiments"

Friday,  April 12, 2019 at 2:00 pm:  Jason Jones (Stony Brook, Sociology)

Title:  " Complex Contagions in Charitable Donations"

Friday,  April 26, 2019 at 2:00 pm:  Cheryl Boudreau (UC Davis, Political Science)

 Title:  " Follow the money? How campaign finance disclosures and policy information affect public opinion in direct democracy settings."


  Fall 2018, Previous Speakers:

Friday,  September 14, 2018 at 2:00 pm:  Laura Karpuska Santos (Stony Brook, Economics)

Title: Political Turnover and Property Rights

Friday,  September 28, 2018 at 2:00 pm:  Abraham Aldama Navarrete (NYU, Politics)

Title: Hearts and Minds: A Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Mexico

Friday,  October 12, 2018 at 2:00 pm:  Jacob Shapiro (Princeton, Woodrow Wilson School)

Title: Small Wars, Big Data: The Information Revolution in Modern Conflict

Friday,  October 26 , 2018 at 2:00 pm:  Alessandro Del Ponte (Stony Brook, Political Science)

Title: People's Moral Judgments About Dilemmas of International Debt 

Friday,  November 9, 2018 at 2:00 pm:  Omer Yair  (Stony Brook, Political Science)

Title: A Normative Electoral Cue: Can Institutions Make Voters Care About Corruption?

Friday,  November 30, 2018 at 2:00 pm:  Marcos Fernandes (Stony Brook, Economics)

 Title: Confirmation Bias in Social Networks and the Folly of Crowds


Spring 2018, Previous Speakers:

 Tuesday,  February 6, 2018 at 3:30 pm:  Alessandro Del Ponte  Peter DeScioli  ( Stony Brook University, Political Science) 

Title: Pay Your Debts: Moral Dilemmas of International Debt Repayment

Tuesday,  February 20, 2018 at 3:30 pm:   Talbot Andrews & Katherine Sawyer ( Stony Brook University, Political Science)

Title: Rebel Recruitment and Retention in Civil Conflict

Tuesday,  March 6, 2018 at 3:30 pm:  Reuben Kline   & Yi-Ta Lu  ( Stony  Brook University, Political Science)

Title:  Distributional Preferences under Rank Reversal Aversion

Tuesday,    March  20 , 2018 at 3:30 pm:  Danling Jiang ( Stony Brook University, College of Business)

Title:   Weather, Institutional Investors, and Earnings News


Tuesday,  April   17, 2018 at 3:30 pm:  John Ryan  and Talbot Andrews  ( Stony Brook University, Political Science)

Title:  Amazon Mechanical Turk Workers Can Provide Consistent and Economically Meaningful Data

Tuesday,   May 1, 2018 at 3:30 pm:  Scott Bokemper (Yale University, CSAP/ISPS)

  Title: Experiments on the Political Economy of Disability Insurance


Fall 2017, Previous Speakers:

Friday,   December 8 , 2017    at 1:30 pm:    Andrew Delton ( Stony Brook University, Political Science & College of Business):

Title: "Moral Convictions and Political Bargaining"

Friday,   November  10, 2017   at 1:30 pm:     Andrea Robbett (Middlebury College, Economics)

Title: "Partisan Bias, Expressive Voting, and Shopping for Alternative Facts"

  Friday,   October  27, 2017    at 1:30 pm:   Benjamin Carter Alessandro Del Ponte, & Peter DeScioli   ( Stony Brook University, Political Science)

Title: " Give Some to Get Some: Do Voters Understand Redistributive Taxes?"

Friday,   October  13, 2017   at 1:30 pm:    Christian Luhmann (Stony Brook University, Psychology)

Title: "Prospect Theory: It's More (and Less) Than You Think"

Friday,   September  29, 2017   at 1:30 pm:   Alessandro Del Ponte & Peter DeScioli (Stony Brook University, Political Science)

Title: "Underspending After Downturns:  Evidence From Economic Experiments With Foraging, Financial, and Political Themes"

Friday,   September 15 , 2017    at 1:30 pm:    John Ryan  & Talbot Andrews   (Stony Brook University, Political Science)

Title: "Climate Change Mitigation Under Uncertainty"


Spring 2017, Previous Speakers:

Thursday,   February 9, 2017    at 1:30 pm:   Mark Pickup   (Simon Fraser University)

" Conflicted voters .”

Thursday,   February 23, 2017   at 1:30 pm:  Talbot Andrews (SBU)

Thursday,   March 2, 2016   at 1:30 pm:   Guest Speaker: TBA

Thursday,   March 30, 2017    at 1:30 pm:   Kevin Arceneaux   (Temple University)

Thursday,   April 13, 2016   at 1:30 pm:   Guest Speaker: TBA

Thursday,   April 27, 2017    at 1:30 pm:   Danling Jiang   (SBU)


Fall 2016, Previous Speakers:

Thursday,   September 15, 2016   at 1:30 pm:  Scott Bokemper (SBU):

" Who needs help? Honest communication in a peer safety net for unemployment .”

Thursday,  September 29, 2016     at 1:30 pm:  Jillian Jordan   (Yale ):

  " You can trust me: How people use punishment and unconditional cooperation to signal their trustworthiness .” 

Abstract:   How do people advertise that they will make trustworthy interaction partners, and what keeps their signals honest? In this talk, I will address this question by focusing on two case studies: third-party punishment and uncalculating cooperation. For both, I will present evidence from economic game experiments suggesting that one reason people engage in these potentially puzzling behaviors (i.e. punish selfish behavior even as unaffected observers, and decide whether to cooperate without carefully calculating the costs and benefits) is to advertise their trustworthiness to observers. Then, I will discuss game theory models that can provide ultimate level explanations for how these signals can remain honest and reliable, despite the temptation to cheat.

Thursday,   October 13, 2016    at 1:30 pm:   Alessandro Del Ponte   (SBU)

" The orange game: A new economic game for studying spending and saving .” 

Thursday,   October 27, 2016    at 1:30 pm:   Kris-Stella Trump   (U.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences Team)

Title TBA

Thursday,   November 10, 2016    at 1:30 pm:   Reuben Kline   (SBU Political Science)

" Prosociality with real and hypothetical stakes .” 

Thursday,   December 8, 2016    at 1:30 pm:   Kelli L. Johnson   (SBU Psychology)

" Probability 'Distortion' is Advantageous: An Agent-Based Model .” 


Spring 2016, Previous Speakers:

Feb  3,  Peter Loewen (Toronto): "Confidence, Overconfidence and Risk Taking: Evidence from Experiments with Members of Parliament"

Feb  18,  David Peterson (Iowa State): "Macrointerest"

March 2,  Ethan Pew (SBU, Business): “The Begging Game: On the Power of the Ask in Charitable Exchange”

March 21,  Kristin Kanthak (University of Pittsburgh): "Deconstructing the Ambition Gap: How Men and Women Approach Running for Office Differently"

April 13,  Johanthan Schulz (Yale): "Cultural Origins of Cooperation"

May 18, Lu Dong (University of Nottingham): TBA


Fall 2015, Previous Speakers:

Sept 24,  Greg Huber (Yale): "Disentangling the effects of legitimacy and deterrence on compliance: An experimental investigation"

Oct 8,  Jason Jones (SBU, Sociology): "The Paradox of Weak Ties in 55 Countries"

Oct 22,  Oleg Smirnov (SBU): "Meteorological drought, Climate change and the potential for human migration in the 21st century: An agent-based model"

Nov 5,  Kai Ou (NYU): "Does Analytical Thinking Reduce Prosocial Behavior?"

Nov 19,  Eric Dickson (NYU): "Learning About Legitimacy Using Laboratory Experiments"

Dec 3,  Antonio Alonso Arechar (Yale): "Conducting interactive experiments online"


Spring 2015, Previous Speakers:

Feb 2, Reuben Kline (SBU): "Public Goods, Bargaining and the Behavioral Political Economy of Climate Change Mitigation"

Feb 24, Andy Delton (SBU): "Using political identification to understand evolved design in third-party punishment"

March 10, Chris Dawes (NYU): "The Dead Hand of the Past? Toward an Understanding of Constitutional Status Quo Bias"

April 7, Arnout van de Rijt (SBU, Sociology): "Cumulative advantage and inequality"

April 21: Samuele Centorrino (SBU, Economics): "Trust, smiles and cooperation"

May 5, Noah Smith (SBU, Business): "Do Survey Expectations Reflect Risk Aversion?"

May 12, Tim Ryan (UNC Chapel Hill)