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Due to the pandemic, our meetings are discontinued until further notice


Upcoming Events

Below is a list of currently scheduled guest speakers for our 2020 guest lecture series at the Center for Behavioral Political Economy. 

  Unless listed otherwise, all events are held  Wednesday  afternoons at 3:00 pm. All lecture series are held at the CBPE classroom located in the  Department of Political Science on the  7th floor of the  Social and Behavioral Sciences Building. Main access to the CBPE classroom ( room S-738 ) is located in the south inner corridor. You may also access the Center through the Decision Experiment Lab ( S-736 ) on days when experiments are not in progress. 

Stay tuned, as guest speakers and their speaking topics, as well as additional lecture dates will be updated regularly! 

As always , if you are interested in volunteering to present  this academic year, have any recommendations for an outside speaker doing experimental work in the behavioral sciences, or have general questions about the guest lecture series, please contact  Peter DeScioli    for further information

  Spring 2020, Guest Lecture Series:

Wednesday, February 12th at 3pm: Yi-Ta Lu  (Stony Brook, Political Science)

Title: Group Cooperation in a Policy Bargaining Game

Wednesday, February 26th at 3pm: Talbot Andrews, Andrew Delton, &  Reuben Kline (Stony Brook, Political Science)

Title: Moral Hazard in Geoengineering Strategies for Climate Change Mitigation

Wednesday, March 11th at 3pm:   Maria Perez Urdiales (Stony Brook, Economics)

Wednesday, March 25th at 3pm: John Shea  (Stony Brook, Anthropology)

Title: Survival Archaeology and the Unstoppable Species

Wednesday, April 8th at 3pm:   Jennifer Heerwig (Stony Brook, Sociology)

Wednesday, April 22nd at 3pm: John Barry Ryan  (Stony Brook, Political Science)

Title:  The Efficacy of Political Discussion in the Face of Polarization

Wednesday, May 6th at 3pm:  TBD