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About the Center

The CBPE includes a state-of-the art laboratory specially designed to study political and economic institutions. The lab is fitted with a network of computers for observing participants’ behavior in a variety of political and economic settings.

Lab experiments commonly use monetary incentives and the lab dis-allows deception to ensure participants’ behaviors result from the stated linkage between the choices and the payments in the experiment.

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 Professor  Reuben Kline is the Director of the Center for Behavioral Political Economy.

Professor   Peter DeScioli is the Associate Director of the CBPE.  

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Please submit the application form here or contact the Lab Manager Pei-Hsun Hsieh at if you have any question.

News & Events

Fall 2019 CBPE Speaker Series

Our speaker series is back!

All events begin on Fridays at 1:00 pm in SBS S-738 (Dept. of Political Science).

More information about upcoming speakers/seminars can be found on our Events page.