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Edward Guiliano ‘78, PhD, Global Fellowship Program

The Edward Guiliano, PhD ‘78, Global Fellowship Program provides students with the opportunity to broaden their perspectives by engaging with the world beyond Stony Brook University and their local communities. The goal of the Guiliano Global Fellowship program is to give Stony Brook students the opportunity to have a truly-enriching transformational educational experience.

There are two programs: one for undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences, and one for full-time doctoral students in the humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences. Click on the appropriate link below for details, eligibility guidelines and application information. 

Graduate Student Application Information  

Undergraduate Student Application Information 


Application Deadlines: 

Fall deadline: October 1, 2023 (Projects will take place during the Winter Session or spring semester) 

Spring deadline: Extended to March 20, 2023 (Projects will take place during the Summer Session or fall semester)

Please submit any questions here. 

Fall 2018 Inaugural Recipient: 

Andrew Rimby, PhD candidate, Department of English
Project: "The Kiss of Walt Whitman: Oscar Wilde Reading Whitman From England to America."

Summer 2019 Recipients:

Aishani Gupta, graduate student, Department of History
Project: “The Shrine's City: Pilgrimage, Politics, and the Making of Colonial Ajmer, 1818-1947

Isabel Murcia-Estrada, graduate student, Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature
Project: "Finding Concha de Albornoz: After the Traces of a Writer Without Writings"

Hayley Rein, undergraduate, Department of Psychology
Project: "Investigating Health Disparities in India to Develop and Deliver Immediate Interventions in Clinical and Community Settings"

Kachun Leung, undergraduate, Departments of Art and Psychology
Project: "Appropriating Modernism: Art of the Japanese American Internment Camps

Stephanie Millner, undergraduate, Department of Political Science
Project: "Explore St. Petersburg!- Study Abroad" 

Courtney Taylor, undergraduate, Department of English
Project: "Jenkins: An All-American Outing"

Winter 2019 Recipients: 

Ximena Lopez Carillo, pursuing a PhD in History; "Chicano Psychology: Race, Scientific Activism, and the Politics of Knowledge, 1969-1986"

Valerie Moyer, pursuing a PhD in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies; "Regulating Hormones in International Women's Track and Field"  

Lydia Myers, undergraduate senior, Human Evolutionary Biology major with a second major as Anthropology;  "A Lorisiform-like humerus from the middle Miocene at Napude, Kenya"

Katina Singh, undergraduate senior, Biology major and Health, Medicine, and Society minor;  "From the Land of Many Waters"

Summer 2020 Recipients:

Kay Sohini Kumar, pursuing a PhD in English; "Resistance During the Fall of the World’s Largest Democracy," Delhi, India

Lance Boos, pursuing a PhD in History; "Print and Performance: The Musical Marketplace in Revolutionary and Early National America," London, Summer 2020

Deanna Tabibzada, undergraduate political science major; "Addressing Student Voter Disenfranchisement in Wisconsin"

Stephanie Hwang, undergraduate junior in Business management/English and minor in Korean Studies; "An Exploration of Mental Health in South Korea" 

Fall 2020 Recipients: 

Graduate Recipients:

Annu DaftuarWomen's, Gender and Sexuality Studies: "Global Fertility Markets: Regulation and Reproductive Justice "(New Delhi, India)

Bonnie Soper, History: "Vying for Influence Through Suffering: Martyrs and Politics in Early Eighteenth-Century Scotland and England" (Aberdeen, Scotland)


Undergraduate Recipients:

Yashasvi Bajaj, Psychology: "Empowering myself to empower those around me" (Schenectady, New York)

Marzan Rahman Noshin, Biology: "The Unheard Voices of Substance Abuse Victims in Micronesia" (Pohnpei, Micronesia)

Spring 2021 

Graduate Recipients:

Javier Gastón-Greenberg,  Hispanic Languages, Literature and Culture: "Hero Genesis - Comics and Identity Formation in Revolutionary Cuba" (Havana, Cuba)

Fernando Amador II, History: "Children of the Land: Identities, Landscapes & Migrations from Rural Mexico" (Mexico City)

Undergraduate Recipients:

Noor Imran,  Philosophy: "A Woman’s World So Far: Did She Ever Have a Place Among Us?" (Paris, France)

Alice Mo, Philosophy: "Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy" (University of Colorado—Boulder)

Fall 2021 

Graduate Recipients:

Anthony Gomez III, English; “‘The Past Promised Nothing to the Future;’ Diasporizing Californio Identity in María Amparo De Burton’s Fictions” (Harry Ransom Center, Austin, TX)

Lauren Fulton, Art History; "Peripheral Perspectives: Dick Higgins and Embodied Autobiography, c. 1958–79" (Evanston, IL)

Jocelyn ZimmermanHistory; "George Bogle’s 'Fairy Dreams:' Polygamous Possibility, Sexual Enlightenment and the Tibetan Encounter, 1760-1790" (London, UK)

Undergraduate recipients:

Sanjana Thahura, BS Biology, minor in Health and Wellness
Annie Gupta, Biology and Political Science double major
Jasmine Kumar, 
BS Biology, minor Creative Writing
"A Silent Public Health Crisis: Breaking the cycle of period poverty and inaccessible ob-gyn care in India;" (Mumbai, India)

Joshua Balan, English; "From Broadway to London;" (London, UK)

Ritika Pabari, Psychology; "A cross-cultural examination of prosocial obligation motives and well-being;" (San Francisco, CA)

Joshua Gershenson, Biology and Psychology double major
Marcela Muricy, Biology and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies double major
"Healthcare Disparities in Brazil and the Modern World;" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Spring 2022

Graduate Recipients:

Maria Medin-Doce, Hispanic Languages and Literature; “Representations of homemaking and affect in 20th century Spanish women's literature” (Madrid, Spain)

Samuel Espíndola Hernández, Hispanic Languages and Literature; “Transcribing silences: notes on Carlos Soto-Román and documentary poetry” (MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire)

Undergraduate recipients:

Anna Coccaro, Multidisciplinary Studies Major; “The Ethnography of the Impact of COVID-19 on a Small Southern Italian Town” (Mola di Bari, Italy)

Fall 2022

Graduate Recipients:

Katherine Ruckle, Art History; “Salvator Rosa, Masculinity, and Economic Mobility” (Naples, Italy)

Michael Bennett, Critical Music Studies; “Art After Fascism: The Musical Poetics of Luciano Berio” (Basel, Switzerland )

Jesus Jimenez Valdes, Hispanic Languages and Literature; “Science, power and communication networks in the 18th century through the travel chronicles of Antonio de Ulloa and Jorge Juan” (Lima, Perú)

Donal Thomas, History; “Knowledge Transfer from the Natural World of the Western Ghats and the Making of Imperial Metropolitan Institutions, 1770-1905” (London and Kew, UK)

Beatriz Solla Vilas, Hispanic Languages and Literature; “Becoming travesti: Self-narrative and activism in transgender Brazilian literature” (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)