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The Difference You Make 
College of Arts and Sciences Awards and Recognition Ceremony

The College of Arts and Sciences celebrated students, faculty, staff and donors at "The Difference You Make" awards and recognition ceremony held on April 18, 2018 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Stony Brook.  This annual event recognizes the many contributions of members of our community - the  great discoveries, research, performances, curricula and collaborations that exemplify excellence across the College.

Dr. Sacha Kopp, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Dr. Michael A. Bernstein, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, provided welcome remarks to the more than 150 attendees.

SachaKopp MichaelBernstein

This year, we honored 11 facutly and staff who recently retired from Stony Brook, including: 

  • Deborah Brown, Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • Dale Deutsch, Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • Douglas Futuyma, Ecology and Evolution 
  • David Lawton, Music
  • Herman Lebovics, History
  • Lorne Mendell, Neurobiology and Behavior
  • Ann Marie Monaghan, Philosophy
  • Adrienne Munich, English
  • Warren Sanderson, Economics
  • Jeffrey Shook, Chemistry
  • Sheila Silver, Music

DaleDeutsch LMendell

Other recognition included:

Godfrey Teaching Excellence Awards
Students from across the College were invited to nominate faculty who go above and beyond -- those who demonstrate a warm spirit, a concern for society and the individual, and who share their knowledge while challenging independent inquiry and creative thought. The award is endowed in honor of our colleague and recently retired faculty member of over 52 years, Bill Godfrey.  

A student panel selected the following recipients from more than 180 nominations:

  • Karen J. Lloyd, Art (Fine Arts)
  • Javier Uriarte, Hispanic Languages and Literature (Humanities)
  • David Matus, Biochemistry & Cell Biology (Life Sciences)
  • Greg Henkes, Geosciences (Physical Sciences)
  • Patricia Whitaker-Azmitia, Psychology (Social Sciences)

Staff Excellence Awards
Our staff are an integral part of the College, providing expert administrative support to our departments and centers, support to our students, and furthering our creative and scholarly missions.  These individuals are recognized for the excellence demonstrated at their positions and the lengths they go to in order to support their departments.

  • Ralph Molaro, Psychology, IT Support
  • Laura Sisti, Art/Theatre Arts, Assistant to the Chair
  • Germaine Hoynos, Political Science, Department Administrator

Outreach Awards
The role of a great public university is to do great research, teach tomorrow's leaders, and positively impact the community.  The College   Outreach  Award was created to recognize those faculty whose work engages with our community locally, regionally, or nationally. This year, two faculty were recognized for this honor:

  • Lori Flores, History
  • Yanna Krupnikov, Political Science

Donors to the College
We also honored the more than 2570 donors whose financial support in this fiscal year alone made all the difference.  Members of the community, alumni, faculty and staff gave not only of their own resources, but their confidence and trust in the mission of the College and its programs.  We are grateful to all. 


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