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Anika Choudhury '21
Summa Cum Laude
BA History


Where are you originally from?
I am from Queens, New York. 

How did you hear about Stony Brook University?
I attended Brooklyn Technical High School, where many of the upperclassmen ended up at Stony Brook. 

Why Stony Brook?
Stony Brook offers a high-quality education at a very low cost. It was a no-brainer! 

On her major:  
I was a History major but I also took many English classes. I chose to be a History major because I enjoy learning about the past, and I believe that it not only gives us context on the present, but can help us deal with issues in the future. 

Favorite class:
One of my favorite classes was EGL 308, a class on Kafka with Professor Haralson. Kafka is interesting, to say the least. Though, I also used to find him disturbing. Professor Haralson helped us dissect many of his works, and provided many perspectives that I'd never considered or would have caught on my own. I also tend to zone out sometimes during lectures, but that was rarely the case in his class.  

Interests and accomplishments:
Some of my interests include watching movies, watching British television, eating at new restaurants all throughout the city, and traveling around the world. My greatest accomplishments have to be my two children, ages 3.5 and 1.5. Although juggling parenthood, a job where I worked 30 hours a week and attending school full time was as crazy as it sounds - being a mom helped me unlock superpowers I never thought I had. 

Greatest achievement:
My smart and funny children, for sure. 

Awards & Accolades:
I received the Drs. Connie and Lee Koppelman Endowed Fund for Scholarship, and I won Most Innovative Research at the URECA competition for my research on the AIDS Pandemic and Improved Hygiene. I also have a 3.9 GPA and hope to graduate with Summa Cum Laude, if it all goes according to plan!

Plans for post-graduation:
I plan on taking a year off to study for the LSAT and apply to law school.  

Career aspirations:
I would like to be an immigration lawyer and support refugees, as well as people in my community. I'd like to help those from less fortunate backgrounds have the opportunity for a brighter future in the United States. 

Advice for Seawolves?
I would advise potential Seawolves to take advantage of all of the opportunities that SBU offers its students. It truly is a very supportive place that cares about its students. Never be afraid to ask for things. You'll never know what you can get. 

Favorite SBU memory?
I will remember how smart and kind both my professors and my classmates were. 

Parting thoughts:
I will forever be grateful to Stony Brook for the experience that I've had here. I am a proud alumni and would recommend everyone to attend school here, even if it's on the far end of Long Island. The education is top tier and the professors are incredible.