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Chair Resources

Yearly Goal-Setting Meeting for all Tenured Faculty (All Ranks)

It is the responsibility of chairs to mentor faculty at all stages of their careers in the University.

The Provost specifies in particular that chairs:

  • Set and communicate expectations for the scholarly and creative activity of faculty.
  • Evaluate faculty annually. Maintain and implement processes for appointment, reappointment, promotion, and tenure of faculty. Appoint committees and provide oversight for the compilation of faculty dossiers for such evaluations. [See the Faculty Handbook on the Provost website]

Further, there is a recommendation from the COACHE Committee that chairs should have yearly goal-setting meetings with all faculty.

In order to help facilitate yearly goal-setting meetings, two documents are provided:

  1. Yearly-Goal Setting Meeting—Guidelines for Chairs
  2. Year-Goal Setting Meeting—Template for FacultyWord format

Additional resources: