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Our Strategic Plan

The College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan, published in September 2016, was designed to support the vision and mission of Stony Brook University, as articulated in the 2011 University Strategic Vision.

Our departments and programs are key to our Plan's success, as their activities generate the research, scholarship, artistry, teaching and community partnerships that comprise the College’s goals. We must strategically invest in these departments and programs and continually assess our progress to assure that resources are being allocated efficiently and impactfully.

The table below lists actions and communications regarding the Strategic Plan and our measurement processes. We welcome our community to participate in the discussion of how best to target our investments in the future. Please feel free to   share your feedback.

Click here  to view strategic planning faculty, administrator and alumni groups.

 Date  Action  


September 2016 After two years of collaboration among leadership, faculty, staff, students and our alumni community, the College Strategic Plan is posted and shared. Strategic Plan - A Vision for the College of Arts and Sciences
January 10, 2017 Faculty committees appointed to begin development of action plans for each of the Strategic Plan's objectives Email from Dean Kopp to committees
February 2, 2017 Email distribution of draft memo regarding  assessment plan and metrics to be empolyed in program evaluation. Email  was followed by visits to each department to obtain feedback.    A faculty committee was appointed to review feedback and propose changes. Memo  shared with the University Senate and departmental faculty.
April 18, 2017 Preliminary 2015-16 assessment metric data released  via email to College department chairs Data  gathered from 2015-16 academic year 
June 22, 2017 Following consultation with departmental faculty leadership, the University Senate, the Provost and the Graduate School, the College suspended admission to two doctoral and three undergraduate programs.  Emails announcing final decisions regarding suspended admissions to programs are sent by Dean Kopp to   faculty/staff   and   students/parents. A  Q&A page with details of program suspensions is posted on the College website.
August 31, 2017 Email update to all College faculty and staff regarding initial investments in the College per Strategic Plan objectives  Email from Dean Kopp to College faculty and staff
September 6, 2017 Updated plan for  assessment completed and emailed to College faculty and staff. Following input from a faculty committee on the strategic plan assessment process, the   updated plan   uses a mix of quantitative metrics and departmentally-conducted self studies to provide a holistic picture of each College program in terms of education, revenue generation, and scholarly excellence. Memos   presenting updated quantitative assessment plan and qualitative self-assessments
October 24, 2017 Town Hall on College strategic planning process Email invite from Dean Kopp to College faculty and staff
November 15, 2017 Email   to faculty and staff describing the departmental self study process (self studies conducted November 2017 - March 2018)  Memo   describing the self-study process 
November 2017 Emails regarding updates to instructional matters within the College  Emails from Dean Kopp to   faculty/staff  and   students
December 21, 2017 Preliminary 2016-17 assessment metric data emailed to College faculty and staff.  Data 3-20-18  gathered from 2016-17 academic year 
February 15, 2018 Email   to faculty and staff regarding the review of   departmental self studies Table  listing faculty,   administrator and alumni groups
March 2018 Following guidelines for the assessment process, departments submit self studies of academic standing within their discipline Departmental self studies (forthcoming)


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