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STEAM: Education and Communication and Creative Expression

Working Group Image

The College of Arts and Sciences STEAM Education and Communication and Creative Expression group recommends the University strengthen, revitalize, and expand existing efforts at integrating the arts and humanities with STEM education. By building upon our strengths in the Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC), and campus-wide, interdisciplinary initiatives, the College will facilitate and enhance the integration of the arts, sciences, and humanities. Specifically: 

  • Unite existing programs on campus
  • Bring visibility to integrative educational efforts
  • Connect faculty who share a belief that innovation occurs at the points of intersection between disciplines. 


Name Current Title Department
Ming-Yu Ngai Associate Professor Chemistry
Ross Nehm Professor Ecology and Evolution
Franck Dalmas Associate Professor European Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Matthew Barnson Assistant Professor Music
Bonita London Associate Professor Psychology