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Global Migration of People and Ideas

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The study of migration comes at an important time at Stony Brook University with our diverse student population; important milestones at SBU related to migration; and historical, cultural, and environmental legacies. All scholars interviewed by this working group view migration as a rich and vital field of study in the SBU undergraduate and graduate curriculums.

In our rapidly globalizing world, the global migration of people and ideas is an ever-present reality, constantly shaping daily lives and experiences across the world in critical ways.

By expanding its investment in themes of migration, Stony Brook University will:

  • remain relevant, better prepare our students for contributing to the world outside the University
  • attract and retain skilled faculty and support cutting-edge research
  • contribute to important policy decisions at the local, state, and national level
  • open new opportunities for critical engagement with the local community
  • engender multiple broader societal impacts


Name Current Title Department
Nerissa B alce Associate Professor Asian and Asian-America n Studies
Sophie Raynard-Leroy  Associate Professor Cultural Studies and Comp arative Literature
Krishna Veeramah Associate Professor Ecology and Evolution
Gallya Lahav Associate Professor Political Science
Nancy Hiemstra Associate Professor Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

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