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Global Social Networks and Information Flow

Research Group Call for Participants

Advances in communication technologies drive the global network of connections between people to be ever more dense and complex.  Thankfully, due to these same technologies, observing these connections and the information flowing through them has never been easier.  This research group will begin with broad questions about global social networks and information flow:

  • How is the global, multiplex network of connections between people structured and how is it changing?
  • Upon that network, where does new information (in the form of cultural, linguistic, scientific and other innovations) flow from and where to?
  • Our home – the United States generally and New York specifically – is central to many networks.  What makes our home exceptional and what unique research does this afford?

I invite faculty interested in these and related questions to join the Global Social Networks and Information Flow research group.  The members of the group will seek common interests for research cross-pollination and collaboration. Our goals for the Spring 2020 semester will be to produce a series of research proposal outlines, evaluate them and develop the most promising into formal proposals for funded research.

Please send an email indicating your interest in the group to and I will reach out after the break to coordinate our first meeting.