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judith lochhead


Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences
Title IX Deputy for CAS 
Stony Brook University


As Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Judy Lochhead focuses on faculty recruitment, mentoring, development, and promotion, working with departments to build the strongest possible support networks for faculty at all levels.

A professor of Music Theory and History in the Department of Music, Lochhead's research focuses on recent Western musical practices, studying both the structures and meanings of recently composed music in the classical tradition.  This research is broadly interdisciplinary, intersecting with phenomenological philosophy, feminist and queer theory, and embodied cognition. In her teaching, Lochhead engages a wide variety of music: rock, hip-hop, pop, electronica, jazz, and contemporary classical music.   Lochhead joined the Stony Brook faculty in 1985 as an assistant professor, and since then has served in various leadership positions: Chair of the Music Department for nine years, Graduate and Undergraduate Directors, Chair of Promotion and Tenure Committee for CAS, Chair of FAHSS, Chair of the CAS Curriculum Committee, Chair of the University Senate Undergraduate Council, and others.   Occasionally, Lochhead can be heard performing clarinet with students in the Contemporary Chamber Players.


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