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ellen Broselow

Photo Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences
Stony Brook University

As Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Ellen Broselow focuses on faculty recruitment, mentoring, development, and promotion, working with departments to build the strongest possible support networks for faculty at all levels.

Ellen comes to this position from the Department of Linguistics, where she has been a professor since 1993 and served for six years as department chair. Her research focuses on the sound structure of human languages and on the influence of first language experience on the acquisition of a second language. With funding from NSF, NEH, and the National Science Foundation of the Netherlands, she has investigated the structure of various dialects of Arabic and of Salish, Bantu, and Austronesian languages, as well as the acquisition of English by speakers of Mandarin and Korean. She has supervised a dozen PhD dissertations, served on numerous university committees including the Promotion and Tenure Committee and the Graduate Council, and been involved in interdisciplinary projects with faculty across the College.


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