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The Career Center is Now Virtual: What does this mean for Employers?

In an effort to increase precautionary health measures, reduce community spread of COVID-19, and ensure the successful conclusion of the spring 2020 semester for Stony Brook University students, beginning March 30, 2020 the University will move to remote instruction.

As of this week and until further notice, all employer related events on our campus have been switched to virtual events or cancelled.  This includes industry panels, classroom presentations, networking events, career prep events/workshops. If you were registered for an upcoming event at Stony Brook University, you will be contacted via email about the changes, should you not have already been contacted.

The Career Center Employer Relations Team would like to  have a better understanding of your current recruiting needs and how best to work with you over the next 3 months.  Please complete the short survey below to help us connect with you during this time. 

Employer Virtual Recruitment Needs Survey

Employer FAQs 

Can I still recruit at Stony Brook University this semester?

Yes!  Students are excited to connect with you virtually and are preparing for virtual interviews.  There are  4  ways you can expose your positions and connect with Stony Brook University students:

  • Post positions on  Handshake (under Post a Job)
  • Schedule and post virtual events on   Handshake (under Create an Event)
  • Host virtual / phone interviews with students - You may schedule these on your own or through   Handshake (under Request an Interview)
  • Message students on Handshake:  Create authentic relationships by proactively messaging candidates that fit your qualified criteria using search filters and personalized outreach. This can drive both attendees to your virtual events and applicants to your jobs.

Tips for Going Digital on Handshake  Modern Recruitment Strategies

Can we begin to prepare for Fall 2020 recruitment events?

Yes!  All registrations and requests for recruitment events are managed in Handshake.  All Job and Internship Fairs are posted on  Handshake and are open for registration.  For On-Campus Recruitment and/or Information Sessions/Tech Talks, you can request a date now for the fall semester on  Handshake.

My company is hosting Stony Brook interns this semester: do my interns get to continue to work?

YES! Interns are expected to continue their work with you, as well as complete their academic work related to their credit bearing internship courses.  Work with your intern to shift the experience to a remote or alternative format. 

Should your organization deem a closure or believe that remote work would not be an option, please communicate with us!  The Career Center and our faculty want to collaborate with you to ensure that the intern can complete their work-integrated learning experience and fulfill academic requirements.

What should I consider with respect to my interns when planning a move to alternate / remote work?
  • Will the student be able to fulfill their responsibilities from a remote location? 
  • If not, what alternatives or project work might you assign instead?  
  • What technologies would be required to maintain regular communication with a remote intern?  
  • Telephone? Email? Video? 
  • Does your intern have access to these technologies? 
  • What system do we have, or can we create, to keep track of student hours and projects? 
  • What communication schedule can you develop to ensure that you and your intern have access to each other in lieu of F2F meetings?
    What should I do if I hired international students for internships that have been converted to remote work experiences? 

    CPT authorization is intended to facilitate off-campus opportunities that resemble classroom instruction, albeit in a more practical context. A key characteristic of such an experience is a supervisory relationship, consisting of regular assignment and evaluation of deliverables. Practical Training also implies meaningful immersion in a professional environment.  

    Given the circumstances, we understand many of you are converting your summer internship programs to remote work experiences.  For these experiences, students are being asked to keep detailed documentation establishing the existence of a supervisory relationship throughout their period of CPT authorization, and how they achieved professional immersion despite working remotely. 

    Most students are working very closely with our Visa & Immigraton office, but just so you are aware, if a student has already been issued an I-20 and their work location address has changed they will need to reach out to their VIS advisor to have this information updated.   

    Additional information can be found on the Stony Brook Visa Website.

    Additional Guidelines for Remote Internships:
  • Internship sites and students agree on detailed project descriptions covering all expectations and outline tasks and anticipated completion deadlines. 
  • The internship site should consider using a virtual project management tool for communication and shared progress reports. 
  • Site sponsors may also wish to create a system to track hours worked (i.e. Google drive).
  • Regular virtual communication should be planned for reporting, progress, and feedback. 

We stand ready to support you through this unprecedented situation.

If this internship is to be on-site, the organization agrees to observe COVID-19 guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), to include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), along with any federal, state or local restrictions.