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Your career development is a process that unfolds over your time at Stony Brook University and beyond. Career development is a self-initiated process with support and resources provided by the Career Center.  

This quick 12 minute video provides an introduction to the services available to Stony Brook University students and reviews the relationship between academic majors and career options.

Four Year Career Success Roadmap

The Career Center recognizes that not all students begin their journey at Stony Brook University in the first year of college. However, experiences (e.g. activities, jobs, internships) from previous institutions have great value in the career planning process!  


Transfer Students

This quick 12 minute video, designed specifically for transfer students, provides an introduction to the services available to Stony Brook University students and reviews the relationshipbetween academic majors and career options. 


CLICK BELOW to access the career success roadmap.



To get started building your career success roadmap, reflect on the questions provided and then schedule an appointment with your Career Field Expert. A career plan addresses your academic, career and personal/social development to help you reach your professional career goals. 



What to Expect from Your Career Center Consultation 

A career consultation (individual or group) is intended to help you plan and take proactive steps towards your career and life goals. Our staff has extensive knowledge of career development, the most effective job / internship search strategies, as well as an extensive knowledge of career fields, alumni, and employers.

Career consulting is a supportive strategy to help you understand how to explore career options, research employers, reflect upon aspects of you that influence your career direction and choices, prepare and present your qualifications, and be able to engage in the career development process throughout your life.



What to Expect Before & After Your Career Consultation 


The most effective career consultations begin with you. You can prepare for your career consultation by developing questions and prioritizing the topics you wish to discuss with your career consultant. You may also wish to do some research ahead of time using the resources on our website and in Handshake. 


Be on time for your appointment; most consultations are 20-30 minutes long. Bring something with you to take notes – an Ipad, notebook, laptop, etc.

If you have to cancel 

Please call the Career Center at 631-632- 6810 before your appointment time. Sometimes things happen and appointments have to be rescheduled; it is a professional expectation that you call to cancel and not simply no-show.


Expect to do follow up HW that may include career research, use of self-assessment tools, using Handshake and web resources, networking, and a follow up visit.


Make an Appointment


To schedule an appointment, please log into  Handshake. Once you are in Handshake, select "Career Center" on the top menu bar and drop down to "Appointments." Then click "Schedule a New Appointment," and select the appropriate appointment type, followed by a day and time that works with your schedule. Once you select an appointment slot, you may write what type of assistance you need. 

Topics typically covered in an appointment include: 

  • Choosing a major or career
  • Reviewing a resume or cover letter
  • Researching occupations
  • Obtaining experience through volunteer and internship positions
  • Reviewing self-assessment
  • Learning job search strategies
  • Identifying and researching employers
  • Learning the value of a college degree
  • Reviewing interview strategies
  • Learning about salary/benefits negotiation
  • Updating LinkedIn profiles and other social media for the job search
  • Exploring personal branding 


Career Communities




What are Career Communities?

Career Communities connect students, employers, faculty, and staff through common career interests. They are not organized by major, because   your career interests may or may not relate directly to what you’re studying.

This is a way students can tap into a vast alumni network, connect with both career professionals and faculty in formal and informal settings to get a head start in career success.   You are welcome to join as many as you wish! 

Why Join?

Career Communities provides an extensive network that allows you access to insider information and advice that is essential for career development. Joining a Community gives you access to:

Customized Communications

Receive biweekly newsletters with handpicked jobs, internships, and programs pertaining to your career interests.

  • Log into     Handshake    and update your Career Interests. 

Individual coaching and Career Meetups with Career Field Experts, offered weekly.


Connections with employers/alumni/faculty/staff mentors.

  • Join  the Stony Brook Alumni page on Linkedin.
  • Register for employer  events, on   Handshake


Career Community Services

Below is a list of our services offered by your career field expert.


Additional Resources


Below is a list of our services for undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni.