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Resources for Diverse Populations

Diversity promotes innovation, understanding, and overall success in the workplace. Employers seek out candidates from various backgrounds and lifestyles to improve the quality of their workforce. There are many diversity-focused resources to help students with their careers. To learn about diversity-specific career opportunities like jobs and internships, explore the different categories below.

Resources by Population:
African-Americans, Asian-Americans , People with Disabilities ,   International Students, Latinx-Americans ,   LGBTQ* Community,   Native Americans, Veterans , Women



Diversity Professional Leadership Network

The Career Center developed the  Diversity Professional Leadership Network (DPLN)  to help underrepresented students increase their knowledge of careers and enhance their career skills. Through the program, students learn more about being a professional and business etiquette, get an inside view of a specific industry, and learn how to successfully transition from school to the world of work.

DPLN is a competitive program that requires students to undergo an application process including an interview, references, career interests, and academic performance. Through program workshops, one-on-one counseling sessions, and networking opportunities, students increase their soft skills and ability to network in a business setting, and are better prepared for full-time jobs/internships.     



In addition to the professional and career development, each student is matched with a professional as part of a mentoring program. The students receive exposure to professional environments to improve their networking/communication skills.  To apply, contact  Kimberly Joy Dixon.

Exclusive/special access programming provided to DPLN student members:

  • How to Network Workshop, access to alumni of color, and participation in Mock Interview Day
  • Leadership development workshops
  • Effective communication workshops
  • Special internship preparation: resume/cover letter review, mock interviews, MBTI workshop
  • Job Shadow Week with a Professional Buddy: "A day in the life of a professional"
  • One-to-one ongoing coaching with DPLN program coordinaton




Early Career Success Program


This program is designed to prepare economically disadvantaged and underrepresented underclassmen for the business world by providing practical leadership training and career guidance.  The Early Career Success Program is a part of the Diversity Professional Leadership Network.  To apply, contact program coordinator Kimberly Joy Dixon at (631) 632-6805.  For information concerning diversity at SBU, visit the Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action .





  Networking Links/Professional Associations



Networking Links/Professional Associations




Networking Links/Professional Associations


People with Disabilities




International Students





Networking Links/Professional Associations

LGBTQ* Community


Native Americans


Networking Links/Professional Associations



SBU's Career Center supports military veterans through alumni contacts, career counseling, job & internship fairs, and experiential education opportunities. Veterans can use Handshake to find jobs. Handshake is a good source to explore civilian positions requiring skill sets from military service.  Veterans may also use Handshake to find internships related to their academic majors.  Using keywords like "military friendly" or "veterans" will pinpoint employers and jobs seeking former service members.

To relate military skills to civilian jobs, use the   military skills translator .

Use a   transition readiness quiz   to evaluate your level of civilian career prepardness.




Networking Links/Professional Associations



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