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Career Videos

This page is designed for you to quickly learn about various career topics. We separated career videos into 6 categories: Career exploration & decision making;  increase career knowledge;  resume, cover letter and social media; job search strategies and management; intervewing  skills and networking skills. 

SBU Handshake 101

Career Exploration & Decision Making

Determining career fit requires a combination of reflecting on past experiences (to understand your likes, dislikes, values and skills) and acquiring career knowledge (by reading and/or talking to professionals working in careers of interest).Your experiences enable interests to evolve and grow; therefore, career exploration is a life-long process of learning about yourself and careers.


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Increase Career Knowledge

Gathering information about careers and professions can be a difficult task. We have provided you with an easy way to organize information about the professions you may be interested in pursuing.


Resume, Cover Letter and Social Media


Job Search Strategies & Management

Searching for a new job can make you feel overwhelmed. It’s hard to feel a sense of control when it seems others are determining your career fate. Whether you are new to or revisiting the job search process, there are ways to maintain control and better organize your various job search methods. Here are three tips:

  • Base your actions on well-researched factual information.  Don’t expect different results by doing the same thing again and again.
  • Be proactive.  Focus your search by creating a list of target companies in the geographic location you are interested in working.
  • Develop a plan of action.   Use various search methods instead of only through job board sites. Engage your network and consider your game plan.

Interviewing Skills

You’ve gotten yourself an interview! Congratulations! You’re well on your way to securing an awesome job. An interview is simply an employer’s way of getting to know the candidates for a job, so they may select the best fit for their organization’s needs. 

Networking Skills

Networking is the process of meeting people, having conversations, exchanging information, and nurturing relationships. A good network of professional contacts can help you stand out in an applicant pool, be considered for opportunities to grow, and potentially lead to promotion.