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Exploring a Law Career

There is no specific major or set of requirements needed to pursue a degree in law.  Start mapping out your journey to a law degree by researching different career paths in the field, identifying potential law schools, and preparing for the application process and LSAT Exam. Being a judge, lawyer, paralegal, compliance officer, and many opportunities lie ahead of you with your choice of pursuing law.

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Considering Law School?

The Stony Brook Career Center can help you navigate your preparation plan. Joining the Government, Law, and Public Service Career Community will provide you with the guidance and resources to begin your law journey.

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Taking the LSAT

In addition to other materials needed for your application, the LSAT is a major component when applying to law school. While some schools may not need the LSAT for admittance, the LSAT greatly contributes to your qualifications for the school you are applying to.

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Paying for Law School

Law school can be costly but with proper preparation you can manage it.  It is important to conduct research about financial literacy as well as different scholarships that can help you finance your law school journey:

Alumni Spotlights

Connect with Stony Brook University Alumni who have built successful law careers.

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