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Career Success Modules

Stony Brook University Career Center in the Division of Student Affairs has designed a series of Career Success Modules. They are very short online activity-based units that cover a variety of career topics that tend to be more desired by students. Each module takes 20-40 minutes and includes an outline, learning objectives, activities/action steps, and quizzes/assessments.

Goal of Modules 

Career Success Modules help students build confidence in themselves and gain knowledge about the job market, identify their skills and career competencies, connect classroom to industry, and provide easy access to resources and experiential opportunities. 

How to Use Online Modules

Each module includes an outline, learning objectives, activities and action steps, quizzes and assessments, and estimated duration.  Students should be able to complete each module in 20 to 40 minutes.  Stony Brook University faculty and instructors can implement career learning modules in a few different ways:

  1. Faculty/instructors can use modules as assignments in their classes on Blackboard
  2. Modules can be presented in classrooms by the Career Center staff 
  3. Students can complete modules on their own to practice the topic associated with each module

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