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Self and Career Exploration

Module Overview

Self-exploration is an essential step in career development. If you can define your personal priorities and interests, then you can align your educational experiences with job roles and careers.  Module #1 walks students through a cycle of reflection questions and quizzes leading to an action plan to guide selection of future courses, internships, and other experiences. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand career development as a lifelong learning process.
  • Learn about the cycle of career learning and how to increase your self and career knowledge.
  • Experience the process of learning through writing/reflection, action and failure/accomplishment. 

Module Activities

Assessment Reflection Questions (10 minutes)
  • Of the suggested career fields - what interests you the most? And why?
  • Think about an experience you are proud of. What are 1-2 skills or knowledge did you use/gain?
  • What experiences, topics, and/or issues would you like to explore beyond the classroom?
Career Action Plan Reflection Questions (10 minutes)
  • Visit the job search section in Handshake. Select the top 3-5 target companies and job roles you would like to explore? What factors did you use to decide on these top companies and job roles?
  • What skills/competencies do you need to work on? What’s your timeline for developing these skills/competencies.

Assessments and Quizzes

  • Career Success Roadmap Quiz 
  • Handshake & Career Communities Quiz

Estimated Duration

About 35 to 40 minutes

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