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Relating Majors to Careers

Module Overview

Myth: A student's major ties them to a specific career path. Truth: While some majors help students develop specialized skills, most people end up working in careers that are not directly related to their major. What employers really value are the career-life skills that can be developed through a variety of majors. This module focuses on how to connect majors of interest to possible career paths. We explore strategies for deciding on a major and tools to identify related careers.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the relationship between majors and careers
  • Identify three strategies for exploring majors and careers of interest
  • Develop a plan to explore a career area of interest

Module Activities

  • Read the article 'Your College Major Does Not Define Your Career'
  • Reflect on the 'What Can I Do With This Major?' Resource
  • Complete the Major and Career Exploration Handout
  • Take one action that you've identified on your Major and Career Exploration Handout

All materials can be found in the module.

Estimated Duration

  • About 30 minutes