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Internships in Industry

Module Overview

“When employers have two equally qualified candidates, they tend to choose the candidate with internship experience."*   Are you looking to get this valuable experience? Learn about types of internships and consider them alongside your skills and interests. This module will guide you by covering what to consider in your search and how to search for opportunities.  It will also provide valuable resources and best practices for preparing materials, applying, interviewing and following up.  Considering opportunities by industry will help you take the next step to securing an internship!

*Information collected from NACE

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the types of internships and opportunities available to get real-world experience
  • Organize elements and values that will influence an internship search
  • Define industry and select an industry of interest
  • Apply helpful practices for searching for jobs/internships 
  • Understand how to prepare your application, prepare for an interview and how to follow-up after an interview

Module Activities

  • Complete the Internship Pre-Search Checklist Activity (5 mins)
  • Complete the Search by Industry Activity (5 mins)

Assessments and Quizzes

  • Resume Reflection

Estimated Duration

  • About 25 minutes 

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