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joyceJoyce Guglielmo
Office Manager

Role:   Joyce oversees all phases of office operations for the smooth flow of services. She provides leadership to our administrative support unit, ensuring that students and employers receive outstanding customer service, and that our staff consistently receives intensive and comprehensive support for all the programs we offer and projects we execute. She works closely with our Assistant Vice President to monitor the budget, and serves as the key contact for supplies for all staff. 

Personal/Professional Background:    Joyce, a Long Island Native, has been with the Career Center since 2002. She graduated from Nassau Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Medical Secretarial Science. After her degree, she worked in the medical field for 26 years before becoming part of the Career Center to pursue a keener interest. Ms. Guglielmo has learned a great deal about student preparation while she has worked here, which was extremely helpful when it came time to offer guidance and support to her own children.

Passion:   Her passion has always been to help people, especially with their anxieties. She enjoys speaking with the students to overcome their fears or just to lend an ear for support.  Working in an environment where everyone wants to help students and is always developing new ideas to achieve success is very enlightening.