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Career Center Holds Diversity Signature Event with PSEG

By Amaya McDonald


The Career Center’s Diversity Signature Event with the Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. (PSEG) on Oct. 25 provided attendees the opportunity to learn more about the company and its dedication to promoting inclusion.

Career Center Director of Diversity Recruitment Kimberly Joy Dixon, hosted the virtual event and was joined by several PSEG employees. They shared some great insight with Stony Brook students in regard to the values and culture of the company.

PSEG is committed to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion and has established several initiatives to ensure that employees from underrepresented communities feel valued in the workplace. These initiatives include strong external partnerships to diversify pipeline skills and enterprise policies and various practices that encourage the company to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Following recent social events and the fight for systemic racial justice reform, the PSEG Foundation announced a $1 million commitment to support organizations that confront and address systemic racism and social and economic equity for communities of color. The company also plans to develop and strengthen partnerships with organizations dedicated to social justice and building bridges between law enforcement and communities.

Technology Product Consultant Carly Grossman shared her experience as a former intern for PSEG and how refreshed she was to find diversity within the company. 

“I was first hired as an intern and then again as an employee, about a year later, I was very surprised at the amount of women and people of color in management positions at PSEG, specifically in IT just to be honest, because I've always been exposed to what the media portrays as a male dominated industry,” Grossman said.

Leaders of SBU student organizations for diverse populations attended the event and posed questions for the PSEG employees about internship and career opportunities. Angel Velazquez of ColorStack was joined by Cynthia Lee, President of the Women in Computer Science club, and Delta Sigma Pi’s Ricardo Yolas. The three student leaders were co-hosts for the event and represented their respective organizations while highlighting the give and take relationship that should be held between employees and their employers. 

Yolas said, “The PSEG: Diversity Signature Event helped me gain a better understanding of what the culture is like in a company work environment as well as the different actions and resources employees have available to help adjust to the workforce.”

Stony Brook University alum and PSEG’s current Associate Project Engineer Matthew Racine shared his experiences with the company during the event. His career journey with PSEG especially spoke to the company’s interest in the career development of their employees. 

“I interned for two summers going into my junior year and going into my senior year … And now I work for outside plant transmission engineering,” Racine said. “I've been full time for about a year and a half, and six months in a rotation program. So the one thing I really like about PSEG is that they really take an interest in developing our employees.”