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Career Center Hosts First Softheon Night Live

By Amaya McDonald


On April 6, the Career Center hosted Softheon Night Live for the first time ever. At the virtual signature recruiting event, students were joined by the company’s Talent Acquisition Specialist, Taylor Devany, and her colleague Marina Rudolph, Softheon’s Talent Acquisition Associate. 

Softheon Night Live gave attendees some insight into the recruitment process for technology and business positions available to Stony Brook graduates hoping to work in healthcare, technology, or business career communities. 

Student co hosts, MinZhi Lian, Everett Yang, Christina Yudin and Han Nguyen, from Alpha Kappa Psi, Stony Brook Computing Society, and Delta Sigma Pi respectively presented Devany and Rudolph with questions from audience members hoping to learn more about Softheon and professional development. 

“We are a software development company focused in the health-tech industry,” Devany said. In regard to how Softheon supports its clients, Devany said, “We are focusing on creating their marketplace, gathering data, normalizing it, sending it out, doing their entire payment platform, as well as asset verification.” 

Softheon consists of three verticals dedicated to government, health plan and the consumer cloud. The government vertical focuses on state-based exchanges, the health plan vertical covers private health insurance companies, and the consumer cloud vertical focuses on broker platforms. 

Throughout the event, students learned about opportunities to join the recently rebranded Softheon in roles such as business operations analysts, client operations analysts and software developers among others.

“The opportunities are endless,” Devany said. “I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of all the opportunities that we do have here.”

In a series of pre-recorded videos, attendees were introduced to Softheon’s SVPs and administrators who shared detailed information about the company’s development, the goals and responsibilities of each vertical and their typical workday routines.  

Jonathan Lynch, the company’s lead software engineer said, “For any position [at Softheon], you need a strong dissatisfaction with mediocrity… definitely have a passion for technology, an inquisitive mind, and you definitely need to enjoy collaboration.” 

The Softheon Night Live event provided great insight for students interested in the company and soon-to-be graduates looking forward to a career in technology. 


For more information about Softheon and to hear from the company’s employees visit: .