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Research Assistants

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Elizabeth Aubin Elizabeth Aubin is currently a Junior studying Business Management with a concentration in Marketing.  She will graduate in the Spring of 2023. She has been a member of the CAP Lab since Fall 2021. She plans on researching if value systems shift as a function of the recovery process in addicts. She assists in helping other members with their research projects and in literature review.  In her free time she enjoys reading, cooking, watching shows and hanging out with her friends.
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Remington Copertino

Remi is a senior majoring in Business Management with a Political Science minor. She is serving as Lab Manager for the CAP Lab; she handles administrative and organizational tasks in the Lab, assists with the research of fellow members, and reviews literature. She is additionally working on an independent capstone project to be presented at URECA in May 2022. In her free time, Remi enjoys cycling classes and reading novels.


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Rhea Kapoor

Rhea is currently a Junior studying Psychology (B.A.) with a concentration in Marketing. She has been a member of the CAP Lab for a year now, and her research interests include procrastination and addiction. She is currently working on a project about self-complexity and procrastination. Apart from the CAP Lab, she is an active member of Psi Chi, the psychology honors society at Stony Brook. She enjoys helping others, so she is also a Psychology mentor and an English Pal - where she is friends with students whose first language isn’t English with the aim that they become more comfortable using the language. She aims to pursue her Master’s or Doctoral degree after working for a few years, and her future career interests include Organizational Psychology, where she hopes to improve the workplace environment and overall levels of happiness of employees. Apart from academics, she loves learning languages, playing badminton, hanging out with friends, reading, playing the piano, painting, and watching movies and tv shows. 

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Jacob Li

Jacob is a senior double majoring in Business Management and Psychology, with a concentration in Marketing. He is currently doing an honors thesis with Dr. Peter Caprariello. He is interested in research in the consumer behavior field of Marketing. Outside of academia he enjoys hiking, biking, and food.


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Ritika Pabari

Ritika is a senior majoring in Psychology and Business Management. Her research interests include culture, diversity, and emotions. She is working on the Culture, Obligation, and Well-being study with Peter. Additionally, She is working on her honor's thesis and is a research assistant in the Stress, Emotions, and Health Lab. Ritika will be joining a Ph.D. program in the Fall in the field of organizational behavior. 
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Rakshitha Yelimineti

Rakshitha graduated from Stony Brook in December 2021 with a bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology. In addition to being a research assistant at the CAP Lab, she is currently doing a Post-Bac at the Stony Brook Temperament Study and volunteering as a Leading Peer mentor for the Psychology Department at SBU. Her academic goal is to get a PhD in Clinical Psychology.


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Samantha Wu