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What We Recycle

Plastics #1-7

#1 Plastics – PETE
disposable water and soda bottles

PETE 1 Bottles Image

#2 Plastics – HDPE
milk jugs, detergent and shampoo bottles

HDPE 2 Milk Jug Image

#3 Plastics – PVC
detergent and window cleaner bottles, plastic squeeze bottles and jars

V 3 Tide Image

#4 Plastics – LDPE
squeezable bottles

LDPE 4 Squeezable Bottles Image

#5 Plastics – PP
yogurt cups, ketchup bottles, and syrup bottles

PP 5 Yogurt Containers Image

#6 Plastics – PS
Plates, cups, and Styrofoam take out containers

PS 6 Styrofoam Container Image

#7 Plastics – OTHER
polycarbonate ( large water containers and baby bottles)

OTHER 7 Large Water Jug Image

Aluminum, Tin, & Steel
Includes cans, foil, scrap metal

Metals Image

Includes bottles and jars

Glass Image

Paper & Cardboard
Includes computer paper, ledged paper, newspaper, magazines and cardboard

Paper and Cardboard Image

Includes batteries, cell phones, keyboards, electronics, memory sticks, thumb drives, chords, cables and toner and ink cartridges

E-Waste Image