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At the end of each Spring semester, thousands of residents must move out of their rooms. While packing, many students find items that they no longer want or don't have room to bring back home. Instead of just throwing it in the garbage, participate in our Move Out Program! The program collects non-perishable food items, clothing, appliances and books. The clothing and food are donated to community organizations and local food pantries. The appliances and books are collected to be used during Move Out's sister event: Freecycle. Not only does this event help the environment, but it also gives back to the community as well as fellow Stony Brook students. Your trash is another person's treasure. The program has been very successful and diverts thousands of pounds of items each year from ending up in landfills. So while Stony Brook is also minimizing its impact on the environment, it is also giving back to the community through charitable donations.


Freecycle is a program in which incoming freshmen and transfer students can obtain unwanted items that were donated during Move-Out (such as hangers, alarm clocks and televisions) at free of charge! After all the Move Out boxes are collected, they are sorted and stored for the following semester's Freecycle Event. Freecycle is similar to a huge garage sale or second hand store except everything seen at the event is FREE! You could go home with an: alarm clock, lamps, interesting books, kitchen essentials,or other fun things. Like any garage sale or flea market a good eye can find some great things. It's a great way to get college essentials that you may have forgotten for the semester for free and is a fun way to reuse items!

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