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Rafael Aguayo

Rafael Aguayo College of Business Stony Brook University

Office: Harriman 301
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J. Rafael Aguayo is an internationally recognized expert in quality and management. He is a graduate of Brown University where he had concentrations in Physics and Economics; and New York University where he earned a Master's in Business Administration with majors in Finance and International Business. Mr. Aguayo started his business career in international banking. At the age of twenty-seven he was the youngest officer of an international bank's New York City branch, with forty-two people reporting to him. He conducted business in four languages. Mr. Aguayo later spent seven years on Wall Street.

In 1983 he met W. Edwards Deming, the world renowned quality expert who was generally acknowledged by the Japanese as being the man most responsible for sparking their economic renaissance starting with his first lecture in 1950. Mr. Aguayo studied with Deming for seven years and in 1990 his first book, Dr. Deming the American who Taught the Japanese about Quality, was published. The book is a clear introduction and exposition on Deming's principles for management. It has been hailed by Deming disciples and Deming himself as the best book on the subject. In North America the book sold over 200,000 copies. It was translated into six languages and inspired numerous individuals and companies to transform their way of doing business and their lives. One well-known reviewer called it the best business book he had read in a decade.

During the 1980's and 1990's these principles helped turn around the quality and economic fortunes of American industries. Among major companies that successfully adopted these principles were Ford, Hewlett-Packard, Proctor & Gamble, Wal-Mart, Intel, Northern Telecom and Harley Davidson.

In 1990 Mr. Aguayo began consulting full-time. He worked with large companies such as Bell Canada and Merck and many small companies to help them transform their business to dynamic, quality conscious and very profitable enterprises. Building on Dr. Deming's principles he has added a number of tools to facilitate the change process. In 1995 the American Society of Training and Development recognized him for excellence in Organizational Transformation. He has been a keynote speaker at the American Society for Quality Control. His clients have included, MCI, Hewlett-Packard, Digital Equipment, Northern Telecom, CoreStates Banking Group, Cantor Seinik Group, Consulting Engineers, Newsday, EAB, New York Label, Dorothy Lane Market and numerous other companies.

In 2004 his second book, The MetaKnowledge Advantage, was published. The book covers ideas that Mr. Aguayo developed that further delve into management and principles for transforming organizations. A Spanish reviewer recently called it the best book on management he had ever read. The book also predicted a crisis in the banking system with the most probable date being 2008. Those warnings were ignored and continue to be ignored.

His next book tentatively titled The Supper Bubble and the end of American Supremacy will be published in an E-book format later this year. Using principles of finance, economics and system thinking the book predicts a much worse economic crisis that will engulf the world no later than 2015.

In 1993 he formed Millennia Management Associates, Ltd. a consulting organization of which he is managing partner. Most recently he has joined with several other experts of Deming's Management Principles to form Deming Collaboration. The group currently has principals in four countries.

Mr. Aguayo began teaching at Stony Brook University's College of Business in 2004. He has taught Entrepreneurship, Investment Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions, Quality Management and Lean Practices in Operations.

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